Skullery: An experiment in art looking back at its audience

Driven by pnuematics and McKibbens air muscles, and using a Microsoft Kinect as its 'eyes,' Skullery was a large technical challenge. The hope was to create a piece of art that would track its audience across the gallery. On the night of the exhibition, I was rewarded with viewers being surprised by, creeped out by, and ultimately delighted with Skullery's interaction with them. 

Hybrid Masks Project

Chinese American, Fake Japanese

The hybrid masks project is intended to give visibility to those with mixed identities. In these first two I focused on cultural identity, but in the future I'd like to expand to include other categories such as gender and sexuality. 

Guns and Ships

Guns and Ships is a text-based adventure game intended to showcase a more diverse cast and create a game where kindness helps influence players' chances for the better. It is currently still in beta.

Tools to Pick Yourself Apart With

2013. Mixed media: wood, found objects, clay. A physical representation of self-loathing, and the toxicity of said emotion. 

In and Out (of the Binary)

Done in Photoshop. Two interpretations of the prompt "In and Out," both critiquing the idea of a gender and sex binary. 

The Queen Playing With The King

Done in Photoshop. A remix of Max Ernst's 1944 "The King Playing With The Queen," reinterpreted through an angry feminist lens.