Monday, May 4, 2015


Experimental film done for my Individualized Mentorship class. Shot on an iPhone 5 and Mac laptop webcam. I used Crisco, cayenne pepper, and found wood/fabric for the painting.

Monday, April 20, 2015


The manifestation of a personal attribute or emotion through some sort of physical mutation. Done in ink--technical pen and brush pen--for my Illustration 1 class.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman fighting the patriarchy demon, done for my Illustration 1 class. We had to take a pop culture figure and merge them with the likeness of one of our classmates. Done in watercolor.

Technique Studies

Technique studies of one of my stuffed animals. From top: watercolor wash, markers (attributing random colors to low, mid, and high value areas), brush and sumi ink, technical pen, acrylic, and finally colored pencil. Done for my Illustration class.

Babilary Project

Hormone packaging and associated comic. Done digitally for my Individualized Mentorship class.

The aim was to explore how a semi-oppressive matriarchy would influence how a society viewed transgender rights, and then explore how that manifested through packaging. Babilary, the society in question, is a fictional land set somewhere near Japan and China.

The Bremen Town Musicians

Two-page spread for the "Bremen Town Musicians." Done with brush and colored ink for my Illustration 2 class.

The King In Yellow

Chapter illustration for the who-dun-it short story "The King of Yellow." Done in black Prismacolor pencil for my Illustration 2 class.